From Chaos to Clarity

This is my beginning offerings with Points of You® tools and methodology.  I am excited to share this amazing way of opening conversations and insights.  This is the first in a series of workshops I will be providing, so feel free to come to any of these three dates and subsequent offerings will follow.  I look forward to being with each of you in a fluid, depthful and fun method of discovery.


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Points of You®







I recently attended a 5-day training with participants from 20 different countries who with great inquiry and intent, dove into the tools that facilitated meaningful discussions. As a seasoned therapist, facilitator, life long learner and healer, I found this method to be clear, imaginative, insightful and intuitive. With the use of images, there is a natural relationship between right-brain and left-brain interactions. When using the photo cards, there is an occurrence of sorting, feeling, insight and integration within the body/mind connection.

I am inviting you to take time to enter this method with me where conversations open to surprising discoveries and insights that may have been hidden just out of view. In the very near future, I will be offering small intimate groups to come and experience this engaging method.

I am currently offering 90 minute 1:1 ‘Threshold Sessions’ allowing for the depth of experience to give insight and perspective that you may be longing to discover. I have found this form to be unpredictable precise. 

Feel free to speak with me about this fun, engaging, insightful and creative tool for deepening our connection toward becoming wholly human. 

Warmest Regards,


707 575-8189 or

PS: If you have 8-12 people you would love to bring together from your life, work, common interest, please let me know as I would love to offer you the experience of Points of You®.



Ringing in the New Year with the Bonsho Bell…2018!


Bonshō, also known as tsurigane or ōgane are large bells found in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, used to summon the monks to prayer and to demarcate periods of time. Also used before entering a temple or ceremony.

This Bonsho bell resides at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in Santa Rosa, CA and on New Years Eve was rung 108 times by guests, students, children and teachers to let go of  2017 and mark the beginning of this year, 2018, celebrating the year of the ‘DOG’.

What are you releasing from 2017? And what are your ringing in for 2018?


I wake again to the glow in the too near hills not far from my home.  I have packed and unpacked, each time taking some different and leaving more.  I have not written here for a long long time as the day to day took over and now, what matters most is more important then ever!  I do not have the words to describe the way we are living now in my beloved Sonoma County.  I stopped counting my dearest friends, colleagues, clients, businesses, buildings, wineries, estates, ranches, farms, animals….the list goes on and on for the total losses, the fires leaving nothing but ash.

What is surfacing is community building, those that can help are in droves. Emergency services, food, clothing, animal shelters, evacuations centers and then the amazing FIREFIGHTERS! This I am blessed and for the respite that does come in a power nap, a good night sleep, a comforting word, the kindness of a stranger and the many restaurants that are serving us.

This is what I know:  Our stuff doesn’t matter, our connections due. Each of us respond in our own individual way and sometimes outwardly show stress and others do not.  This is not a time to be alone, a stranger or heroic.  Asked for hugs on a regular basis and everyone, even those far away are connected feel afraid, grief-stricken and helpless.

What matters most right now is to be grateful that you/we are safe and someone knows or many people know where we are.  Seek out comfort however you can and if you are really able, volunteer!

I plan on writing right from the heart these days cuz it is all we got now!




We ain’t alone!

I have been MIA for awhile…like many of us, the busyness of life caught me along with the desire to go idle, meaning that sometimes the inner process has to go into the dark.  I have had an unusual amount of beloved ones leave this planet and at the same time an ability to feel supported by not just those in my community but by what is unseen, yet felt.  Sometimes we call it ancestors and sometimes we call it spirits, but for now, I will name it that which lives in the mystery of our connections.  So, I am learning again that all is impermanent, every thought, feeling, and our beloved body too. The moment is always unfolding and this poem is my ‘what matters’ for how we are strung together like beads, straight through the heart.

Where Is God?

It’s as if what is unbreakable –

the very pulse of life – waits for

everything else to be torn away,

and then in the bareness that

only silence and suffering and

great love can expose, it dares

to speak through us and to us.

It seems to say, if you want to last,

hold on to nothing. If you want

to know love, let in everything.

If you want to feel the presence

of everything, stop counting the

things that break along the way.

– Mark Nepo

Quan Yin

The Journey of Breast Cancer: How Myth and Archetypes Support Healing in Contemporary Times

In honor of those that have taught me the depth of this journey!

what matters most

I was recently walking on the beach and chose a route that took me to a seemingly solid sand bar. But when I arrived, I realized that when I stood there the waves were lapping around my ankles and I was sinking! The waves were helping the sand to dissolve underneath me, leaving me suddenly gasping and darting as fast as I could for solid ground.

When a woman hangs up the receiver from a phone call, or is sitting face to face with her medical doctor who conveys her worst fear–a breast cancer diagnosis–her life is no longer on solid ground. When each woman waits for this news, she begins a journey that will take her through a descent and ascent that is deeply personal and life changing.

Our ancestors as well as our cultural icons have lessons for us. Each of us remembers a favorite fairy tale, a…

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