Words of Wisdom

I began to ask the question with others about ‘What Matters Most?’ and one of these people that I inquired is my 22 year old son.  He of course is an extraordinary young man living in San Francisco becoming a graphic designer at California College of the Arts.  Without going on and on about what it is to be a mother of a talented, creative and driven young man, I will quote what he spoke.  We were sitting at his favorite taco bistro in Potrero Hill District  having this rather deep conversation over fish taco’s and burrito’s!

‘When you are satisfied and truly fulfilled in your life you loose the desire to seek gratification through other people’s pain and turmoil.  There comes a point in your life when you want others to succeed as much as you do.  It is our true humanly instinct to be on top socially, especially with people we are close with—-When you hurt another, your are hurting yourself, as we are all ONE and connected to ensure our passion and evolution.’

So I ask you, What Matters Most to you today?



5 comments on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Sabena Yeye says:

    Well said! Those are some great words of wisdom. Very inspiring…

  2. Shallon Orishaba says:

    These are great words shared. I feel what matters to me is the way I feel & perceive the world. Being positive in all situations what soever, believing in myself and emphasizing in the word “I can” I have grown to understand that we are human beings walking into ups and downs, roads which are never straight forward at all. Trying self pity is the worst thing but appreciating each time and moment that comes our way is genius.

    We are better, (in the context of comparisons) to the world; self conviction, and all is well can move us an inch— day bay day.

    • Even when ‘I can’ is in small steps, they add up! Thank you for sharing and look forward to more reflections from you, your friends and a view into your world!

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